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I agree to abide by the rules and regulations binding the contest and should be disqualified if the information provided above is found wrong or if I engage in any means of cheating during the contest. I also agree that the judge's decision is final.

* are compulsory
  • The participation fee is Five thousand Naira (5,000)
  • Participant must be within the age range of 12-35 years
  • Judges decision is final
  • Every designer should come with his/her model For first round only
  • Designs made must reflect the theme
  • Every piece of garment made should have a touch of African fabric
  • Every garment made must be designed and sewn by the participating fashion designer
  • Any fashion designer that cannot defend their design will be disqualified
  • The contest is meant for upcoming fashion designers
  • Vetting will be done in English language
  • Designs presented should be neat both inside and outside
  • Creativity, Fitness, trend, class and neatness is key to qualification
  • Illustration and drafting of the presented garment may or may not attract extra point
  • Participants/Models should consider coming with footwear and accessories for photography
  • Participants have the right to their photography ideas or pose
  • Participants must have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handle
  • Participants are allowed to copy links to their published pictures/videos to share on their social media platforms
  • Any participant found wanting of any offence will be disqualified
  • Participants should follow our social media pages and listen to radio for updates