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Introducing Kaduna Fashion Week

It is a yearly event showcasing the most prestigious fashion brands in Kaduna State. Our goal is to create a powerful marketing, branding and sales platform for the participating companies, inside and outside Kaduna State and Nigeria at large.

We focus on empowerment, job creation, supporting education and skills training in fashion. The KADUNA FASHION WEEK is a youth organization working since 2015, used for providing a platform to the youth. The fashion show is an event to promote youth and thus contributing to our goal as an organization.

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Fashion Shows have always been glamorous events that boost the visibility and promotion of brands associated with them. Fashion shows provide a platform for creative designers to display their art and equal opportunity for models to showcase their talent, boosting their confidence.

This event opens vast opportunities for young designers and models. The Fashion Week is also an effort to bring together the best talents from the different design institutes of Kaduna and Nigeria at large.